Movie Tour

When daily life gets boring, Wellington would be a door to the fantasy world. Despite the unpredictable weather and the extremely strong wind, Wellington has many things to offer. Amongst the great outdoor adventures and fascinating collection of New Zealand’s faunas, one of the most recommended things to do in Wellington would be the movie tour, especially the Lord of the Rings movie tour.

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Annual Family Holiday (Part One)

It’s been a tradition for me and my family to get together every new year.
This fact bugs my sister a lot of time, because she -as many teenagers do- would prefer to be with her friends.
So, to solve any problem, we usually go abroad to celebrate it.

Last/this year, (it’s kinda hard to distinguish when you travel at the end of the year) we went to Sydney and Wellington.

It was not our first visit to Sydney and we were still so much in love with the city. But I’m gonna dwell on Sydney a little later.

Wellington was something new for all of us, so we were excited.
When we first got to the Wellington airport, we were almost lost.
The New Zealand’s English was so very hard to understand. If you think Australians talk funny, try listening to New Zealanders. They talk even funnier!
(Although I met a local girl and she denied it, through and through)

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