My name is Alien and I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

I always wonder what brings people to stumble upon my blog because really, what is there to see?


I am an ordinary person with extreme-middle views. My Indonesian root makes me think conservatively but my time living in Canada and the UK makes me think liberally. I help environmental campaigns, one way or another, but I still drive a car. I am trying hard not to be controlled by international corporations like Unilever and Nestle, but I still use Apple products. I am pro feminism but my belief teaches me not to overrule my husband’s decision – if I am ever going to get married.



In this blog you will find my views on things I read/watch/hear/am involved in, stuff I find everyday and musings I find while I travel. Basically, everything about me because I am selfish that way.


See? Have you also begun to wonder what brought you here?


Anyhow, if you need to read more about me, head to this post about my name and/or this post about why I start blogging. If you are into concerts and wonder how I wrote about them, head here to read my extended articles. If you are into something more scientific, head to this report on hazardous waste management and/or this book on coastal megacities, both of which I helped to write.


If all the above is enough to make you stay, don’t be a stranger. Stay awhile – I have friends from over 30 countries (and I do not mean those virtual ones) and I certainly do not mind adding some more!




P.S. As always, this blog is supported by a DEAREST friend of mine Samuel Simon. I am forever in debt to you, Eng!

P.P.S. Job offers, funding opportunities, questions, expressions of love and/or hate, other concerns (or if you have one million US dollar lying around, which I would use to fund my PhD, start my own NGO, set up a scholarship fund in the name of my dad and travel to the Pacific islands before they disappear) are greatly appreciated via comments on this and/or other posts, as well as email at d_loebis[at]hotmail[dot]com.



What is on your mind?