Small Trip: Prague

My trip to Prague started off a bit confusing.
The thing was, I got Schengen visa for my Europe trip, but I was not sure how far can I go as far as the Europe continent goes.
Considering that Prague is in Czech Republic and Czech Republic is in the Eastern Europe, which was not included in the Schengen Agreement, I thought I couldn’t go to Prague.
(Yes. The Schengen visa cannot take you EVERYWHERE in the countries within the European Union agreement. They actually have a different agreement, called the Schengen Agreement. Pretty confusing, indeed)

So, at first, Lisa and I decided that we would skip Prague in order to create a ‘safe’ journey, despite all the great things we heard about Prague, and decided to go to Vienna, Austria, instead.

But obviously, we could not resist Prague.
Who the heck doesn’t know about the Bohemian legend?
(well, it’s not a legend, but since Europe has an extremely ancient history, it all feels like legend, until you face the real historical sites)
And who could defy the need of seeing Prague‘s famous architectural buildings?

So, I got Peter (Lisa’s boyfriend) to call some immigration office to check about my visa and whether or not I could travel to Prague.
And I could. So we did go to Prague!

And Prague is even better than what we’ve heard.
It is, indeed, a beautiful city.

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