Current Wishlist – African Edition

What better way to start the new year than daydreaming¬†planning about where you would like to spend your holiday? I know for a fact that some people actually look at the calendar, find out when and how many days off they’re going to have and plan their holiday. I don’t exactly plan my holiday that way, nor do I have that privilege to do so. I could only create a wishlist and from time to time and somehow could magically tick stuff off of my list. This year is no difference. So I hereby share my current wishlist – African edition.

Everyone has been talking about the continent of Africa within the past year¬†due to Ebola. Not to mention there’s this crazy guy called Boko Haram that has been kidnapping random girls and using Islam as a silly reasoning. These things irritate me because everyone in the world practically associates the continent with endless horrible nightmares. My first encounter with the continent was extremely brief – I traveled within Morocco for a few weeks, a few years back. This brief encounter made me believe that there’s absolutely a certain charm about Africa that most people forget. This is why I created this list. Frankly, if I don’t limit myself to five places, this list could be endless.

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