Small Trip: Munich

It was such a big deal to come to Munich in late September/early October.
Heck, the word big is an understatement, it is HUGE.

Although for me, it wasn’t that huge of a deal, because, I simply don’t drink.
Beer, or any other alcohol, but mostly beer.
(Seriously, why would people drink alcohol again? bad taste, weird afterward feelings, drinking simply doesn’t make any sense)

So, the HUGE deal of being in Munich in the month of October was none other than Oktoberfest.
Well. D’OH!

Blame me for bringing up my Canadian experience (almost) everytime,
(it is, in fact, one of those life changing experiences in my life)
but when I was in Canada, (almost) everyone knew Germany for its Oktoberfest.
Thus, I cannot be blamed for wanting to see what Oktoberfest looks like.

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Small Trip: Berlin

My train reached Berlin in the afternoon.
It wasn’t raining when I got to the city. It was also not raining when I arrived in the apartment where Lisa and I crashed in.

Yes. Berlin was the first city, which I began the couch surfing experience.
(I hosted some people before, but never did I try surfing in someone’s-or rather, stranger’s- couch)
Only in Berlin I did not stay in someone’s couch. (Lisa and) I was actually lucky enough to stayed in Morla (Lisa’s best friend) ‘s old room, which means we actually got a real bed (even though we still used our own sleeping bags when we slept). Morla was spending half-year in Zaragoza, Spain, for Erasmus, and Morla’s roommate was still away for the summer holiday.
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Small Trip: Hamburg

This posting is a continuation of my previous Small Trip postings in Europe back in Fall 2010.

This time, it’s a bout a city in the northern part of Germany, Hamburg.

I had wanted to come to Hamburg for a along time because it seems like all the great bands need to play in the city, before they can claim their greatness. Plus, it is the city where hamburger got its name from, why wouldn’t I want to visit it?

But of course, the real reason was because my hostsister, Lisa, talked about Hamburg countless of time.

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