Trio Lestari (huh?)

Again, I have the opportunity to write a report about one concert.
This time, I got to write about a concert of three Indonesian singers: Tompi, Glenn Fredly, and Sandhy Sondoro.

I was actually looking forward for this concert.
I mean, Tompi is one of my most favorite Indonesian singers of all time.
And I am not a big fan of any particular Indonesian musicians myself. But Tompi is my guy.

While Glenn Fredly, well, he’s Glenn Fredly, I guess.
I remember that I watched him one time, in one of my high school events.
His songs are pretty good, but his act on stage?
Too braggy, too snobbish, too full of himself.
(and it doesn’t change the fact that I’m actually using three adjectives that has the same meaning)

And Sandhy Sondoro, in my opinion, was just a damn lucky guy.
He happened to be in that singing competition in Europe and he happened to have a good marketing team that can boost his career here, in Indonesia.
Aside from that, his handful of songs are not that bad, indeed.

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