Indonesia = Ideas

It took me quite sometime to write and re-write my About page. I have been meaning to re-write it since I saw this post, but decided that I did not have the energy to do so. But when I saw this post yesterday, I told myself that I should make time to re-write. So I did and here it is. I am still not quite sure about it, so I might keep on re-writing it as I go along.


Anyway, today’s topic is writing something that is inspired by the About page. Again, another brilliant idea. I had so many writing points that I wanted to include on my About page that I had to ‘throw away’ (well, keep for awhile and maybe use it in the future. Like now) and I was quite sad about it.


Out of all topics that I had, I left out a big chunk of story about my Indonesian dream. In a way, my Indonesian dream is kind of similar to the ‘typical’ American dream. You know, all those dreams about being successful and being able to provide for the future, especially the next generation’s future. There is a bit of a twist in my Indonesian dream because I do not want my dream to come true just for me. I actually want my Indonesian dream to come true for Indonesia’s sake.

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