Small Trip: Munich

It was such a big deal to come to Munich in late September/early October.
Heck, the word big is an understatement, it is HUGE.

Although for me, it wasn’t that huge of a deal, because, I simply don’t drink.
Beer, or any other alcohol, but mostly beer.
(Seriously, why would people drink alcohol again? bad taste, weird afterward feelings, drinking simply doesn’t make any sense)

So, the HUGE deal of being in Munich in the month of October was none other than Oktoberfest.
Well. D’OH!

Blame me for bringing up my Canadian experience (almost) everytime,
(it is, in fact, one of those life changing experiences in my life)
but when I was in Canada, (almost) everyone knew Germany for its Oktoberfest.
Thus, I cannot be blamed for wanting to see what Oktoberfest looks like.

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