Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Another week, another challenge. Again, I take this as a great way to showcase some photographs that I took sometime ago. This time, I have decided to show two photographs that I took in an island that is very close to my heart. I lived in this island during the first eleven years of my life and the city, which is featured in these two photographs, was very a important one throughout those years.



The island is called Sulawesi and the city is called Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This is a picture of one of its newest additions to its most popular landmarks: Pantai Losari. The top picture was taken from my hotel room, several stories high, and the bottom one was taken right on the ground.


Last year, when these pictures were taken, was my first time encountering this new spot in the city. Different thoughts clouded my mind when I saw this spot: what’s with all the concrete? Was it built with an intention to show how much development has been done within the city? Is it necessary? Maybe, because Makassar is THE hub that actually connects western Indonesia with its eastern corner. What’s with those giants letters resembling the city’s name? Did the inspiration come from Amsterdam’s iconic Iamsterdam? If so, wow, we just cannot let the Dutch go, huh? Although, maybe it is a good thing – considering how tourists love the Iamsterdam signs, maybe tourists would also line up to take pictures in front of the “City of Makassar” sign and the city will get more recognition and more tourists.


Anyhow, whatever happens, Makassar will always have a special place in my heart. I am just hoping that the crazy-fast development will not damage the city’s ecosystem.



What is on your mind?