(Desperate Need To Be) Connected

I was away a little over a month ago to one of the many Indonesia’s national parks. The one I went to was called Gunung Leuser and located somewhere in North Sumatera.

The park was interesting. To enter the park, I had to actually cross a small river with somewhat fast current. The area around the park was quite secluded. It was hard to find reception for cellphones and the attempt for using a wifi failed quite horribly.

During my visit, I managed to capture this photo below.

It is a photo of a dish (not quite a satellite one) for TV, which I think looks very out of place. I mean, who would go to a national park to watch TV?

But I guess the people who live just outside of the park desperately need to be connected. They are living in a place that is far from a lot of stuff and they need that connection provided by TV channels, obtained via installing this dish.

This desperation to connect makes me think: how we, humans, live our lives is so darn interesting!


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