B.o.B, Adventurous?

The advertisement about B.o.B was coming to Jakarta was too sudden to be noticed.

Even when I emailed my editor, to ask whether I can cover about the concert or not, there was no serious intention.

But it turned out that no one proposed the idea of writing about B.o.B‘s concert, that was called The Adventures of Bobby Ray (hence the title), just yet. So I got the ‘part’.

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Trio Lestari (huh?)

Again, I have the opportunity to write a report about one concert.
This time, I got to write about a concert of three Indonesian singers: Tompi, Glenn Fredly, and Sandhy Sondoro.

I was actually looking forward for this concert.
I mean, Tompi is one of my most favorite Indonesian singers of all time.
And I am not a big fan of any particular Indonesian musicians myself. But Tompi is my guy.

While Glenn Fredly, well, he’s Glenn Fredly, I guess.
I remember that I watched him one time, in one of my high school events.
His songs are pretty good, but his act on stage?
Too braggy, too snobbish, too full of himself.
(and it doesn’t change the fact that I’m actually using three adjectives that has the same meaning)

And Sandhy Sondoro, in my opinion, was just a damn lucky guy.
He happened to be in that singing competition in Europe and he happened to have a good marketing team that can boost his career here, in Indonesia.
Aside from that, his handful of songs are not that bad, indeed.

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Sunday Jazz Festival

No one suspected that it was gonna be a sucky Sunday.
That last Sunday, people was supposed to have so much fun in Sunday Jazz Festival.

Unfortunately, the rain was pouring for more than two good hours.
It was almost disappointing.

Everyone was complaining about why the event promoter decided to not hire a Pawang Hujan.
Almost every journalists that were there to write a review grumbled endlessly.

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Love Garage

I had the chance to write about another concert again, back in February.
It was kinda special because it wasn’t just a concert, it was more like a small festival.
and it was called Love Garage in the Park, promoted by Ismaya Live.

While I was there, I had the chance to took several pictures of the main acts.

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Mad about Ne-Yo

that was the real title of the article that I wrote.

Unfortunately it got edited as (maybe) the word ‘mad’ could have double meanings. My intention on putting the word ‘mad’ was simply because it was a title of one of Ne-Yo’s songs.

Anyhow, I am very proud of this accomplishment.

And for those concert freaks out there who missed out on this very fun event, my review is available here.