Obsolete Beauty

After some nagging from a couple of friends who have followed the trend of becoming some founders of some sorts (kidding! They actually started a new blog), I eventually gave in and wrote an article for them. On the eve of my birthday, they published my writing. According to their blog stat, my article attracts quite a bit of attention. Not only quite a number of people of reading it, many people are commenting, saying they can relate to the article that I wrote. It was quite a splash of blush on my cheeks. Due to all these flattering comments, I decided to write an English version of the article. Here it goes.

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That Higher Power

I wonder about the existence of That Higher Power whenever I have an erection. As an adult man, I still find it amazing to see the size difference between a resting and an erect penis. They can be very different! And everytime I notice this, I always ask myself: who could possibly design this?

 – S

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To be Indonesian or not to be Indonesian

... That is the question.

Hanya sampai segitu saja kemampuan saya memplesetkan salah satu kalimat milik Shakespeare yang paling terkenal.

Menarik sekali membaca berita akhir-akhir ini mengenai debat soal kewarganegaraan salah seorang menteri yang baru dilantik oleh Jokowi. Beritanya macam-macam, ada kubu pendukung Pak Menteri, ada juga kubu pembenci.
Saya pribadi sih agak kurang paham mengapa berita ini jadi sangat besar dan dibesar-besarkan. Terlepas dari kemungkinan bahwa Pak Menteri melanggar peraturan negara yang melarang warga negara Indonesia untuk memiliki dua kewarganegaraan, saya kurang paham masalahnya apa.

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Aksen Indonesia

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 14.37.19Tulisan ini tadinya ingin saya publikasikan pada 17 Agustus 2015 dalam rangka merayakan hari kemerdekaan Indonesia yang ke-70. Namun karena satu dan lain hal, saya tidak bisa dan sempat untuk melakukan hal tersebut. Jadilah saya mempublikasikan tulisan ini pada hari ini, hari terakhir di Agustus. Semoga semangat kemerdekaan masih terasa di dalam diri saya dan semua orang Indonesia.


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“Enggak punya pacar ya?”


“Udah lama ya enggak punya pacar?”



Begitulah percakapan saya dengan dokter saya pada suatu malam.

(Kalau-kalau ada yang panik dan bertanya-tanya “saya sakit apa?”, tenang saja. Saya tidak sakit apa-apa. Cuma lagi iseng saja pengen ke dokter. Kalau tidak ada yang panik ya alhamdulillah.)

Kembali ke pembicaraan saya dan dokter saya pada suatu malam tersebut.

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Tourism is F&#%-ed?

Indonesia just had a series of election, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re simply ignorant.


(Why does Indonesia’s elections matter, you might ask? Well, that’s another topic to discuss and I’m never going to discuss it. But fyi, on the top of my head, here are why Indonesia’s elections matter:

  • Indonesia is the third largest democratic country in the world
  • It is the biggest democratic Muslim country
  • It is the biggest archipelago
  • About 70% of us turned up for the presidential election and even more showed up for the legislative one.
  • The presidential election was the most polarised one in Indonesia’s history.)


I’ve been quite proud of the result. We’ve got a new president and (not-so-new) vice president. I’ve also been quite happy with what they’re offering, in regards to plans and governmental strategies. Although, their stand on environmental issues is still wobbly, which is quite upsetting.


Another upsetting thing is about a horrible, nasty, crazy, unbelievable rumour that I heard. There’s been a gossip about tourism and how it’s not going to become one of the new government’s biggest concerns. Again.

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