Influencers – how powerful are they?

Day 3 of writing everyday.

The past 9 months of genocide in Gaza has made me, and hopefully many others, step away from the frenzy of idolising celebrities.

I truly understand there’s no point in idolising a fellow human being, but before the ongoing genocide, I would publicly show my admirations towards comedians and talkshow hosts. They are my kryptonites in regards to the show business. Thanks to the people of Gaza, these people in the entertainment industry are now exposed to their true colours. Unfortunately, it continues to makes me sick to my stomach because I used to adore these stupid comedians so much.

In conversations with my friends, we often talked about how we will never understand how rich people’s logic works. In regards to the people in the entertainment industry, especially those who are known worldwide, I truly, with all my heart, will never understand how their brain works.

A few weeks ago, I saw a video on Instagram that a pro-Palestine protester disrupted Jerry Seinfeld standup show in Sydney, Australia. I watched Seinfeld for years and loved Seinfeld for years. I remember years ago when I learned that he went on a kibbutz trip as a teenager, my body tensed up. At that time, I wondered whether he was a zionist. There was no evidence of such, other than this one trip a long time ago – maybe he even went because he was made to go by his parents?

In my view, Seinfeld was an atheist. Or at least an agnostic. I assumed that he probably believes in a higher power, since he meditates daily, but doesn’t register to any organised religion. So when he first signed the silly little open letter with his fellow entertainer friends and then he followed it up with a trip to israel in which he was film eating a sandwich, my heart was broken. I deeply appreciated his standup comedy style, but I will never ever support him again after he blatantly support a zionist regime.

Back to the Sydney incident. When a pro-Palestine protester disrupted his show, he handled it in the worst possible way. “It’s the Jewish comedians, that is who we have to get! They’re the ones doing everything.” This was one of the things he said as a comeback to the protester.

This is what truly made me sad and disappointed: a huge name in the entertainment industry pretend to not know how influential they are.

While I’m here, I might as well say this: this disappointment also applies to influencers around the world with thousands of followers across different social media platforms.

I actually have a real-life example of how powerful the words of an influencer is.

About 2 weeks ago, I was suggested a clip on YouTube for Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast. On that clip, Conan was interviewing Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson – I liked them both because I liked Cheers – I vaguely remembered seeing clips of the show on TV when I was young and had gone back to watch the whole show as an adult. Right off the bat, Conan praised Ted on how amazing his performance was on The Good Place, a show that I really liked.

I spent maybe 2 minutes on that clip, didn’t even bother hearing anything about Woody. I went straight to Netflix and spent the next week binge-watching 4 seasons of The Good Place.

So please, tell me again how not powerful your words are as influencers?



Thoughts on My Friends by Hisham Matar

I am very nervous for Khaled.

I’ve reached the point in the blurb that said they “join a demonstration…” and “When government officials open fire…” and the scene was extremely chilling. I was struggling with keeping my pace and rushing through the scene, which actually made me read the scene twice.

I cannot believe Khaled got shot! Just like in the book, my mind rushed to the wellbeing of his family back home in Benghazi. What would his mom think? What is his sister feeling? How can they contact him? What’s going through their minds?

Plus, very curious to see what will come out of these Freds and Toms. Hmmm…

Also, note to self: google the proper pronunciation of “Benghazi”! Right now, every time I read that word, I can only think of Hillary Clinton’s pronunciation of Benghazi and that makes me so sad. I hate the United States of America for brainwashing me for a very long time!



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