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  • English is a Funny Language: Round-the-World Typo

    I admit, typo is a disease that we all suffer. It is an inevitable mistake to make (not really, that’s why we invent a job called Editor). It is as embarrassing as falling on the floor, face first, and the afterward mockery is as hurtful as drunk-text follow-up effect(s).   Here are some photos I…

  • English is a Funny Language: Elementary Schools

    I am actually really torn about what I found in elementary public schools across Indonesia. Torn between sadness and laughter.

  • English is a Funny Language: Advertisement

    A while ago I have this idea of starting to actually showcase some pictures that I took in various places that I passed by. I tried Instagram for about a week but then realised that I do not have the time and energy to actually ‘nurture’ another form of social media – it is indeed…


    Banyak yang nanya soal perbedaan antara IELTS dan TOEFL (IBT) pada saya. Kebetulan, saya sudah pernah merasakan kedua tesnya. Jadi, saya akan sedikit menjabarkan tentang perbedaan kedua tes Bahasa Inggris ini.