English is a Funny Language: Round-the-World Typo

I admit, typo is a disease that we all suffer. It is an inevitable mistake to make (not really, that’s why we invent a job called Editor). It is as embarrassing as falling on the floor, face first, and the afterward mockery is as hurtful as drunk-text follow-up effect(s).


Here are some photos I have gathered from (kind of) around the world to proof that typo is indeed inescapable and incurable (it is, actually, there are different types of technology innovations that can help you escape and cure this disease).




Now that I think about it, I believe that we should preserve this disease called typo. I mean, without the spelling inaccuracies, that are, for example, displayed on the photos above, I would not have that smile on my face.



  • I like the magic of a ‘sandwitch’! I love the way you have made the pictures look amazing, grabs the attention and tells the story. Typos are so annoying and some how autocorrect doesn’t help!! Good call. This post made me smile 😀

    • alienkeren

      There is something mystical about a sandWITCH, indeed. I have to, once again, thank my friend (Irna) who sent me that particular picture while she was visiting Saudi Arabia.
      And no, autocorrect never helps. It could very well ruin a conversation.

      Glad that this post make you smile. Your visit always makes me smile too! 🙂

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