Sunday Jazz Festival

No one suspected that it was gonna be a sucky Sunday.
That last Sunday, people was supposed to have so much fun in Sunday Jazz Festival.

Unfortunately, the rain was pouring for more than two good hours.
It was almost disappointing.

Everyone was complaining about why the event promoter decided to not hire a Pawang Hujan.
Almost every journalists that were there to write a review grumbled endlessly.

I, on the other hand, was quite happy.
The fact that the local artists only got to play three (or four) songs did bugged me, but I got to watch the festival for free.
Plus I had my writing published.

Seriously, what more can I ask?
I’ve been so damn lucky, so far.
I just don’t really wanna jinxed it.

Here are some of the (other) pictures that I took (aside from the pictures published in paper and online):

N'Dea & Simon "The Brand New Heavies"


Mian Tiara

Maliq & d'essentials

Barry Likumahua


My favorite performance of the night was from Mian Tiara and Parkdrive.
I can’t wait for their next performance!

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