Elementary Sweetheart (Part 4)

The highlight of grade six was – of course – his confession.
It was once upon a Monday.

I stayed in the class as I hardly bought anything from the school canteen and always brought my own snack to school.
Having been injured on a tennis game the day before (yeah. he was such a jock), this crush of mine decided to stay in the class with me.
I think there was only the two of us in the class room, when he finally said the sentence to me.
He simply said, “I like you.”

I was in awe.
I asked him to repeat but he refused.
I was flustered, red as lobster.
The funny thing was, I never said “I like you” back.
As mean as I could be, I only said “thank you” and asked “why?”

He was – I think – shocked with my weird answer (or rather, question).
I remembered him saying, “Well, I just like you, okay?”
and while I was processing everything that just happened, the bell rang.

Despite his confession, the anticlimax of this elementary sweetheart story of mine happened toward graduation.
I – thanks to my modern parents – had my future planned in front of me by leaving Sulawesi, which meant leaving him behind.
His (or rather, our) friends and himself kept on asking me to stay.
This (the whole act of asking me to stay) got on to my nerve.
They (or rather, he) simply didn’t get that my future was way more important than a mere puppy love.

Therefore, to make a point, I tore out all of his love letter(s) and threw the torn pieces right at him.
Yes. I was THAT heartless.
And YES, he was downright disappointed.

We ended up never talk to each other after that tragedy.

I called the ending of this story as an anticlimax because I have not been able to stop cursing myself just yet. I should have never tore out all the love letter(s). That way I would still have a crystal clear memory about this cute little story, instead of having a vague memory.

After all those elementary fling, we never contacted each other.
There was one time when I met him in 2002.
He came to my house, two nights in a row.
I cannot remember what we were doing, but I remember it was sweet of him to came by.

We managed to own each other’s phone numbers, but we never really used it to contact each other.
We befriended on Facebook, but never really get in touch, either.


  • “Therefore, to make a point, I tore out all of his love letter(s) and threw the torn pieces right at him.”
    BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! sori Al gue ga tahan, itu seharusnya (dlm sudut pandang lo sbg anak SD) sedih bgt, tp kalo diliat-liat lg skrg, itu… sinetron!!! Buahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Tapi so sweet ya masnyaaa nyamperin ke rumah bertahun-tahun setelahnya, uuuuuu~ ciyyyyeeeeeeee~

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