Obsolete Beauty

After some nagging from a couple of friends who have followed the trend of becoming some founders of some sorts (kidding! They actually started a new blog), I eventually gave in and wrote an article for them. On the eve of my birthday, they published my writing. According to their blog stat, my article attracts quite a bit of attention. Not only quite a number of people of reading it, many people are commenting, saying they can relate to the article that I wrote. It was quite a splash of blush on my cheeks. Due to all these flattering comments, I decided to write an English version of the article. Here it goes.

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That Higher Power

I wonder about the existence of That Higher Power whenever I have an erection. As an adult man, I still find it amazing to see the size difference between a resting and an erect penis. They can be very different! And everytime I notice this, I always ask myself: who could possibly design this?

 – S

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Current Wishlist – Pacific Islands Edition

I was/am so crushed when I read about Cyclone Pam and how bad it is affecting Vanuatu. I’ve made jokes with countless friends about how I (and they too) need to go to the Pacific Islands soon, before they all disappear due to climate change. Frankly, it has always been an innocent joke. I mean, I know that climate is changing and everything, but seeing the damages that Cyclone Pam caused just made everything even more real.

(For more article on what the President of Vanuatu said in regards to how climate change is causing the disaster, you can read this and/or this. It reminds me of the incredible documentary of The Island President, which you HAVE TO watch, incase you haven’t!)

This devastating disaster made me decide to share my current wishlist, Pacific Islands edition, as well as to let everyone knows that my thoughts and prayers go to everyone in the Pacific Islands and the climate change threats they are facing.

(Also, this post is a continuation to a previous post that you can see here)

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Oldest Questions

It all started by me. I have been doing this stupid thing within the past year and I cannot believe it myself.

That stupid thing I’ve been doing is meeting new people.
No, if you’re pervertibly thinking something else, maybe in relation to this post, sorry, my friend, you are wrong.

This stupid thing of meeting new people is 100% plutonic. It usually is for work or project or just casually meeting a friend of a friend of a friend.
The ironic thing is that I don’t hate meeting new people – although I hate it even more so now that I’m older. I actually quite enjoy meeting new people.

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An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Race the Clock.”

This is a super hard question. What is that one offer that I couldn’t refuse?


First thought: money.

Meh. Sure I need money to sustain my live and therefore live my dream, but if I don’t know where the money come from, I would hesitate to accept it.


Second thought: PhD offer.

Another meh. I wouldn’t want to do a PhD about something that I’m only half-heartedly interested in. It’s a huge commitment and I want to make sure that I’m in love with my topic. So, I wouldn’t want to accept it without having long thoughts about it.


Finally. Third thought: dual citizenship offer – from UK or USA

Now, that is an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

I mean, I love Indonesia and everything, but seriously, Indonesian passport couldn’t sustain my desire to travel forever. The pain to get visa to go anywhere has scarred me for life. There was never an exciting moment in fulfilling those visa application forms. And my effort to make sure the so-and-so embassy to believe that I wouldn’t beg their government for money by the time I get to their country maybe able to move a mountain. It was always ridiculously exhausting. So, a citizenship offer from the UK and/or USA would be something that could support all my travelling plans – I mean, I’m dreaming anyway and while at it, I shall dream to get a passport from one of the two countries with the strongest passports in the world, right?


So, when can I accept this offer?


“Enggak punya pacar ya?”


“Udah lama ya enggak punya pacar?”



Begitulah percakapan saya dengan dokter saya pada suatu malam.

(Kalau-kalau ada yang panik dan bertanya-tanya “saya sakit apa?”, tenang saja. Saya tidak sakit apa-apa. Cuma lagi iseng saja pengen ke dokter. Kalau tidak ada yang panik ya alhamdulillah.)

Kembali ke pembicaraan saya dan dokter saya pada suatu malam tersebut.

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Current Wishlist – African Edition

What better way to start the new year than daydreaming planning about where you would like to spend your holiday? I know for a fact that some people actually look at the calendar, find out when and how many days off they’re going to have and plan their holiday. I don’t exactly plan my holiday that way, nor do I have that privilege to do so. I could only create a wishlist and from time to time and somehow could magically tick stuff off of my list. This year is no difference. So I hereby share my current wishlist – African edition.

Everyone has been talking about the continent of Africa within the past year due to Ebola. Not to mention there’s this crazy guy called Boko Haram that has been kidnapping random girls and using Islam as a silly reasoning. These things irritate me because everyone in the world practically associates the continent with endless horrible nightmares. My first encounter with the continent was extremely brief – I traveled within Morocco for a few weeks, a few years back. This brief encounter made me believe that there’s absolutely a certain charm about Africa that most people forget. This is why I created this list. Frankly, if I don’t limit myself to five places, this list could be endless.

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Humanity = Marriage

This is my take on humanity.

I think marriage is one of the most humane thing that a human could do. That legal binding called marriage still fascinates me – why do we, humans, need it? No other species does. Other species simply mates with their own kind, whenever they have the urge to do so. Why can’t we? Why don’t we?

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