I have been wanting to write about this for a long time, but due to my current study where my Professors want me to cite and reference everything, I decided to have my ‘facts’ done first.

So, what I wanna write now is my thoughts on my most favourite TV series.
The Big Bang Theory and Glee.
Well, The Big Bang Theory is still my most favourite TV series now, but unfortunately, I’m loosing it with Glee.
But I’m not here to talk about why those two TV series become my favourite ones.
The topic of this post would be my two most favourite characters in those two TV series: Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali and Brittany Susan Pierce.

In my opinion, those two characters, Raj and Brittany, are the most fascinating ones.
Let’s examine them one at a time.

Brittany Susan Pierce.
When people watch Glee, most of them would notice Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, Finn Hudson, or nowadays, Blaine Anderson.
And the truth is, Brittany did not get lots of line in the first season. She barely spoke, let alone sang.

But the true Brittany appeared in Episode 2 of the Second Season when Glee made a tribute to Britney Spears.
Brittany rocked everybody’s world by performing two songs: I’m a Slave 4 U and Me Against the Music (with Santana).
When the episode came out, Brittany became the centre of the spotlight and people finally noticed this fascinating character.

Brittany strong performance reappeared again on Episode 14, when she sang Ke$ha‘s Tik Tok.
Brittany became headlines in entertainment news portals such as E!News.
Her performance was over the top and some reviews that I read claimed that she sang it better than Ke$ha.

Her latest performance was the finest of all.
It, again, became a hugh headline in no time.
It was on Episode 3 of the Third Season. Brittany sang Beyonce‘s Run The World (Girls).
I personally didn’t like the song: weird melody and strange lyrics.
But the way Brittany‘s performance stunted the world was awesome.

I think the writers did a really good job on creating this Brittany character.
She is not the centre of attention at all times, but when she is, she practically steals the spotlight from everybody else.
Brittany is one of the reasons that I keep on watching Glee up until now (even though it gets really boring).
I’m always waiting anxiously for her stupid but hilarious lines, her awesome dance, and her world class performance.

The second character that I cannot wait to see every week is Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali.
Similar to what usually happens with Glee, when people watch The Big Bang Theory, people always notice the quirky Sheldon is or the never ending PennyLeonard relationship, or that nasty thought of Howard Wolowitz.
For me, the most fascinating character is actually Raj.

The truth is, I didn’t really recognise what a fascinating character Raj was until I watched Episode 16 of the Third Season. In that episode, Raj pointed out that Stan Lee created characters with names that used the same letter for first and last name.
Then I started thinking about few comic characters (because I don’t know a lot), such as Peter Parker and Fantastic Four. And Raj was right!
Then I started noticing how he is the one and only guy who notices those little things (such as “how come in Star Trek everyone’s favorite part is the same?” (01×13) or “where does Aquaman poop?” (04×01)), ergo, he’s the most accurate out of the four guys.

Like Brittany, Raj usually doesn’t get many lines to say in one episode, but when he does, it’s either the funniest or the smartest line ever.
Here are some examples:
(When Leonard was learning about American football – 03×06)

“The only thing I’ve learned in that two hours is that American men love drinking beers, beat too often, and have enough trouble getting erection.
Just sayin’, maybe if you people cut back on the beer, you could get out of the bathroom and satisfy women without pharmaceutical help.”

(When he was sad because he was lonely – 05×01)

“You know who I blame for my loneliness? The United States of America.
Your movies and your TV shows promise to treat beautiful blonde females with big bazonga.”

And if you think Sheldon is unbeatable on the show, several episodes showed that you are wrong.
Raj was the only one who successfully convinced Sheldon to go out on a date with Amy Farrah Fowler (03×23).
Raj was also the one and only person who could get away with messing around with Sheldon. Remember the giant big ass desk‘s appearance on Episode 4 of Fourth Season?
I couldn’t stop laughing everytime I watch those episodes.

The funniest thing about Raj‘s character, in my opinion, is his sensitivity and his love for girly things.
I know it makes him seems so very gay, but I think it’s extremely funny.
Like the time when he was reading New Moon (04×07) or when he admitted that Eat, Pray, Love inspired him and Sandra Bullock‘s movies were touching, or when he was crying before Bridget Jones’ Diary even starts (04×14), or when we all knew that he actually listened to Beyonce (04×19), or the most EPIC scene was when he was wearing Catwoman costume and said, “I feel empowered” (03×19).

One last thing about Raj, due to his selective mutism, the girls actually think it’s an attractive factor of him.
For example, Sheldon’s sister, Missy, was most attracted to him out of the rest of the guys (01×15).
He ‘managed’ to ‘sleep’ with Penny (04×24) and Bernadette yelled that he’s a cutie pie (05×01).

So, those are the two most fascinating characters from The Big Bang Theory and Glee, in my opinion.
When you think Rachel Berry or Sheldon Cooper is your favourite character, think again, my friend!
Please do think again.

My last words would be: have fun watching both The Big Bang Theory and Glee!





9 responses to “Bri-Jesh”

  1. Rhonita Avatar

    huahuahuahua, you are a big fan of TBBT too! I agree with you. eventhough raj is not the spotlight of the series, he is hilarious whenever he talks! The writer did a good job, don’t you think? Too bad it’s thansgiving holiday, we should wait for another week for the lates episode al 🙂

    1. alienkeren Avatar

      I really appreciate the writers, nis. They’re awesome and very very creative.
      I can’t wait for next week! aaaaaaa!!!

  2. tom Avatar

    I’m always waiting anxiously for her stupid but hilarious lines, her awesome dance, and her world class performance.

    AGREE!!! 😀

  3. tom Avatar

    hmmm, i think sheldon is still the best for me. obnoxious, annoying, YET always right character is what i like the most >:-)

    but yes, raj’s trivial comments and behaviour is always funny

  4. tom Avatar

    i don’t watch glee anymore though

  5. alienkeren Avatar

    what’s with the three comments at once, tom?

  6. Amellina Avatar

    Brittany totally rocked the Britney Spears episode.. 😀
    Kepikiran ga sih Al dari awal mereka udah berencana bikin episode itu, dan tokohnya dikasi nama Brittany karena itu? Hehehe.. Dance-nya dia juga keren banget, bener2 ilang image telmi-nya begitu dia mulai bergerak. Aku udah kelewatan banyak banget episode Glee.. x( tapi sampe terakhir2 nonton, aku suka banget sama Mike Chang, hahaha.. Dia juga keren bangeeet dance-nyaa

    TBBT, aku ga nonton (shame on me), tapi sejak beberapa minggu yang lalu jadi pengen banget tau.. Kalo baru mulai nonton dari eps skrg bakal banyak ‘roaming’ ga? :p Kalo nonton dr awal banyak banget, hehehe x)

    1. alienkeren Avatar

      Iya ya Nie, penulis-penulis serial TV Amerika Serikat emang kreatif-kreatif banget deh. Aku juga pengen kayak mereka (kreatifnya maksudnya).
      Eh, kalo Mike Chang sih aku emang tambah lama tambah suka deeeeehhhhh. #majorcrush

      dan kamu GAK NONTON The Big Bang Theory???!!! What kind of member of intelligent community are you???!!!
      Sayangnya kalo langsung nonton season 5, menurut aku sih, bakalan ‘roaming’. Walaupun kebanyakan episode-nya ceritanya lepas-lepas sih, gak selalu nyambung-nyambung gitu. Tapi menurut aku tetep bakalan ‘roaming’.

  7. Mira Nurdina Avatar
    Mira Nurdina

    Raj gantenggg…hahahahahaha…miss u like a lottttttt alikuuuuu..hahahaha

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