I have been wanting to write about this for a long time, but due to my current study where my Professors want me to cite and reference everything, I decided to have my ‘facts’ done first.

So, what I wanna write now is my thoughts on my most favourite TV series.
The Big Bang Theory and Glee.
Well, The Big Bang Theory is still my most favourite TV series now, but unfortunately, I’m loosing it with Glee.
But I’m not here to talk about why those two TV series become my favourite ones.
The topic of this post would be my two most favourite characters in those two TV series: Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali and Brittany Susan Pierce.

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Gift Giving

The entire institution of gift giving makes no sense.

Let’s say that I go out and I spent $50 on you, it’s a laborious activity because I have to imagine what you need whereas you know what you need.

I could simplify thing just give you the $50 directly and then you could give me $50 on my birthday and so on, until one of us dies leaving the other one old and $50 richer.

Sheldon CooperThe Big Bang Theory (S01E16)