Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

When I saw this week‘s challenge, I was excited almost immediately. It is about reflection and I just happen to have plenty of pictures that portray reflections (this post even featured a photo of reflections). Here’s one of them.

Birmingham Canal

This is my take on Birmigham Canal.


Overall, I think, Birmingham is one of my least favourite cities in the UK.  It is one of the cities that pioneered the industrial revolution, so it looks very industrialised and modern. But at the same time, it also wants to keep the historic buildings, like the red-brick ones. I know a lot of cities want to do that, London, for example is trying very hard to keep their ancient buildings stand next to their futuristic ones. Somehow, Birmingham’s effort just does not cut it for me. And again, this is just my own personal opinion – I do not encourage people to agree or disagree with me.


However, if I was asked about my favourite place in the city, I would say the bank of Birmingham Canal. I think the Canal really reflects what Birmingham really is and I enjoyed the time I spend walking along its bank.


This photo, in my opinion, represent what I think about Birmingham. The buildings are a collection of the old (red-bricks) and new (one very out-of-place skyscraper). The grey sky and dark water (which, I think, looks too similar to gallons of oil, instead of water) represent its history of industrial revolution. The colourful live-in boats symbolise some spots that I like in the city – such as the bank of the canal.


To get even more philosophical, I think this post also reflects what I feel about all places that I have visited and the way my mind works when travelling. I never really hate any place; I always try to find some spots that I like within a place and keep them forever in my memory. I should probably apply this philosophical idea more in life, generally.



What is on your mind?