A Week Later


“So you guys kissed?”




“What kind of kiss? Lips to lips? Peck?”






“We snog.”


“So with tongue?”


“I guess. That’s what snogging is, right? French kissing?”


“Oh dear.”





“So what?”


“Are you gonna talk about it?”


“What is there to talk about?”


“What about the kiss?!”


“What’s with the kiss?”


“I don’t understand. You don’t mind the kiss?”


“I don’t know. It’s kinda nice.”



“So you’re just not gonna talk about it.”




“You’re gonna pretend it didn’t happen?”


“Most likely.”


“You’re sure it’s not gonna affect your relationship?”


“What relationship?”


“Okay! Friendship!”


“Hopefully, no.”




“What do you want me to say?”


“I don’t know! You just kissed your best friend of eight years!”



“So it was only a kiss?”


“It was only a kiss.”




A week later.


“We kissed. Again.”




Thought about writing this post for this, but I was not sure. Now I think this post is more suitable to answer this.



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