Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

I recently found out about Weekly Writing Challenge and decided to accept this week’s challenge. It is about telling a story based on three photographs. I looked through the pictures that I took awhile ago and thought that this would be a great way to post them. Here are my three photographs.

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All photographs were taken in Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. I went on a three-day boat trip to experience a little bit of rainforest and to see some orangutans. It was one of the biggest eye-opening trips I have ever been.

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Movie Tour

When daily life gets boring, Wellington would be a door to the fantasy world. Despite the unpredictable weather and the extremely strong wind, Wellington has many things to offer. Amongst the great outdoor adventures and fascinating collection of New Zealand’s faunas, one of the most recommended things to do in Wellington would be the movie tour, especially the Lord of the Rings movie tour.

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Annual Family Holiday (Part One)

It’s been a tradition for me and my family to get together every new year.
This fact bugs my sister a lot of time, because she -as many teenagers do- would prefer to be with her friends.
So, to solve any problem, we usually go abroad to celebrate it.

Last/this year, (it’s kinda hard to distinguish when you travel at the end of the year) we went to Sydney and Wellington.

It was not our first visit to Sydney and we were still so much in love with the city. But I’m gonna dwell on Sydney a little later.

Wellington was something new for all of us, so we were excited.
When we first got to the Wellington airport, we were almost lost.
The New Zealand’s English was so very hard to understand. If you think Australians talk funny, try listening to New Zealanders. They talk even funnier!
(Although I met a local girl and she denied it, through and through)

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Makan di Hotel

Tulisan ini kalau ditilik-tilik agak nyambung dikit sama tulisan saya yang sebelumnya, walaupun tadinya intensinya gak seperti itu.
Jadi ya, selain jalan-jalan, keluarga saya juga suka sekali makan-makan, terutama makan sepuasnya.
Karena hobi kami sekeluarga sama, kami sering nyoba-nyoba berbagai tempat makan seru di Jakarta. Termasuk restoran-restoran di hotel-hotel bintang lima.
Sekarang ini saya mau sedikit membahas asiknya makan di hotel-hotel bintang lima di Jakarta.
Pembahasan ini diurutkan secara acak ya.

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Small Trip: Barcelona

After the 6 hours bus ride from Madrid, Lisa and I arrived in – some people say – the most stylish city in the world, Barcelona.
When we first arrived, after not creating any booking in any hostels (because we thought the super long weekend was over) and not finding any girl hosts in Couch Surfing, we had to walk all over the city (again) to find a decent lodging.
We first arrived at what we thought the famous La Rambla.
Soon, after not finding anyone but immigrants and one or two tourists, we decided the place was not La Rambla.
After asking around to numerous people, walking for about two hours (with our backpacks and luggages), checking out number of hostels, we finally found a decent lodging, called the Principal Surf BCN, in just off the street of La Rambla.
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Small Trip: Lisbon

The next destination on my Small Trip was Lisbon, Portugal.

I found that it was not that easy to get to Lisbon when you’re on a budget and on a tight schedule. Sure there were (more than) 24 hour-long buses that will go directly to Lisbon.
But I mean, who would want to sit on a bus for 24 hours? Not me, definitely.
I think there were also budget airlines to go directly to Lisbon, or a non-budget airlines that sell cheap last-minute tickets.
But Lisa and I decided to take Ryan Air. The cheapest budget airlines I have ever found!

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