Humanity = Marriage

This is my take on humanity.

I think marriage is one of the most humane thing that a human could do. That legal binding called marriage still fascinates me – why do we, humans, need it? No other species does. Other species simply mates with their own kind, whenever they have the urge to do so. Why can’t we? Why don’t we?

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Tourism is F&#%-ed?

Indonesia just had a series of election, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re simply ignorant.


(Why does Indonesia’s elections matter, you might ask? Well, that’s another topic to discuss and I’m never going to discuss it. But fyi, on the top of my head, here are why Indonesia’s elections matter:

  • Indonesia is the third largest democratic country in the world
  • It is the biggest democratic Muslim country
  • It is the biggest archipelago
  • About 70% of us turned up for the presidential election and even more showed up for the legislative one.
  • The presidential election was the most polarised one in Indonesia’s history.)


I’ve been quite proud of the result. We’ve got a new president and (not-so-new) vice president. I’ve also been quite happy with what they’re offering, in regards to plans and governmental strategies. Although, their stand on environmental issues is still wobbly, which is quite upsetting.


Another upsetting thing is about a horrible, nasty, crazy, unbelievable rumour that I heard. There’s been a gossip about tourism and how it’s not going to become one of the new government’s biggest concerns. Again.

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Sudah beberapa waktu ini saya bekerja sambil terus-menerus melihat Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia dan Pedoman Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan.

Hasilnya? Cukup untuk bikin saya frustasi!

Sisi positif dari getolnya saya bolak-balik cek KBBI dan EYD, saya jadi banyak belajar dan saya jadi semakin mengerti.

Sisi negatifnya, saya jadi semakin menyadari betapa rendahnya pengetahuan Bahasa Indonesia saya, betapa sulitnya menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar, betapa ketinggalan zamannya Bahasa Indonesia, dan betapa bobroknya Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan.

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Dream Holiday?

I was asked one very simple question a while ago by one of my longest friends. His question was:

“where would you go on your dream holiday?”


As simple as the question may sound, I was having a hard time answering it.
I stuttered a little bit until another friend (who is also one of my longest friends) let a sarcastic tone out of her mind. She answered: “it’s going to take her sometime to answer that because she’s been to a lot of places!”

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