Diksi Ganggu (2)

Senang sekali akhirnya saya bisa meluapkan kekesalan saya atas gaya orang Indonesia berbicara akhir-akhir ini. Seperti yang sudah saya ungkapkan disini, saya merasa orang Indonesia zaman sekarang banyak yang melupakan berbagai macam kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia dan malah menggantikannya dengan kata-kata dalam Bahasa Inggris. Ketika kata-kata Bahasa Inggris tersebut dipadukan ke dalam kalimat-kalimat Bahasa Indonesia, saya jadi merasa terganggu dan heran. Ada apa dengan kemampuan orang Indonesia dalam pemilihan kata?


Berikut ini adalah lanjutan daftar kata-kata Bahasa Inggris yang sangat mengganggu saya saat penggunaannya tidak tepat.

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English is a Funny Language: Round-the-World Typo

I admit, typo is a disease that we all suffer. It is an inevitable mistake to make (not really, that’s why we invent a job called Editor). It is as embarrassing as falling on the floor, face first, and the afterward mockery is as hurtful as drunk-text follow-up effect(s).


Here are some photos I have gathered from (kind of) around the world to proof that typo is indeed inescapable and incurable (it is, actually, there are different types of technology innovations that can help you escape and cure this disease).

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Diksi Ganggu (1)

Telah sampailah saya pada tingkat kekesalan yang berbeda menyoal pemilihan kata orang-orang Indonesia zaman sekarang. Walaupun saya pecinta bahasa campur-campur dan saya bisa dengan lancar gonta-ganti bahasa dari Indonesia ke Inggris (dan sebaliknya), ada beberapa kata yang akhir-akhir ini sungguh mengganggu saya.


Sebenarnya jika kata-kata dibawah ini digunakan sesuai pada tempatnya dalam kalimat, tidak akan ada masalah. Yang membuat kata-kata dibawah ini menjadi ganggu adalah penempatan dan penggunaannya yang sungguh-sungguh tidak masuk akal. Ya, menurut saya, hal ini sudah tidak masuk akal karena kata-kata dibawah ini mempunyai padanan kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia yang sangat tepat dan sempurna.


Lalu, pertanyaannya saya: mengapa orang-orang Indonesia zaman sekarang lebih memilih untuk menggunakan kata-kata dibawah ini dalam kalimat-kalimatnya?

Apa salah kata-kata Bahasa Indonesia yang begitu sempurna sampai-sampai bisa dilupakan oleh orang-orang Indonesia dan digantikan oleh padanannya dalam Bahasa Inggris?


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

It is so interesting to be asked to display photo(s) of letters because I take pictures of words and sentences all the time, but not just letters. To be reminded that letters are not only functional but also beautiful is very thought-provoking.

Looking at my photo collections, it struck me that I have one interesting photo that featured scattered letters and I even posted in on this blog. So cool.


But here is my take on the challenge.



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The Umpteenth Wedding

Mrs. Hudson: So – it’s the big day then!

Sherlock: What big day?

Mrs. Hudson: The wedding! John and Mary getting married!

Sherlock: Two people who currently live together are about to attend church, have a party, go on a short holiday, then carry on living together. What’s big about that?

Mrs. Hudson: It changes people – marriage. … Marriage changes you as a person in ways you can’t imagine.

Sherlock Series 3 Episode 2 (see the clip here).

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Indonesia = Ideas

It took me quite sometime to write and re-write my About page. I have been meaning to re-write it since I saw this post, but decided that I did not have the energy to do so. But when I saw this post yesterday, I told myself that I should make time to re-write. So I did and here it is. I am still not quite sure about it, so I might keep on re-writing it as I go along.


Anyway, today’s topic is writing something that is inspired by the About page. Again, another brilliant idea. I had so many writing points that I wanted to include on my About page that I had to ‘throw away’ (well, keep for awhile and maybe use it in the future. Like now) and I was quite sad about it.


Out of all topics that I had, I left out a big chunk of story about my Indonesian dream. In a way, my Indonesian dream is kind of similar to the ‘typical’ American dream. You know, all those dreams about being successful and being able to provide for the future, especially the next generation’s future. There is a bit of a twist in my Indonesian dream because I do not want my dream to come true just for me. I actually want my Indonesian dream to come true for Indonesia’s sake.

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