Tag: London

  • Zigzag over Thames

    Just to validate what I wrote here, here’s my take on this week’s photo challenge.     Some crazy planes flew over the Thames one day and I happened to be in the Southbank, by Tate Modern, looking up and found those random zigzag patterns over Blackfriars Bridge. Result: very pretty sunset.  

  • The Place I Would Like to Go Right Now

    If I could choose where I would like to be transported to, I would definitely choose London. It may sound crazy and obsessive, but I still dream of going back there on a daily basis.

  • Close Talker Chav

    I am not a gamer. Never was, never ever will be. I remember when my sister and I was still into PlayStation, I would play Bishi Bashi or Disney’s Hercules Action Game occasionally. However, the most fun I had with PlayStation was when I had several friends (mostly boys) came over to my house and…

  • Library

    Once I was asked, in one of my English lessons, what paradise would look like for me My answer was, and I still remember it until now, “Paradise would look like a place filled with any book you could ever think of, any book you want to read, and you are free to read there…

  • Eating vs Drinking

    For more information about Tony Allan (one of my current favourite Professors), you can check him out here, or here. You can also see and hear how Tony speaks and glimpse at one of his remarkable publications.

  • Heat Wave

    I love England in a heat wave. It’s a different country. All the rules change. … You know what I mean. People are more at ease – a couple of days’ sunshine and we become Italians. … Robbie Turner in Atonement by Ian McEwan (p. 128)