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I am not a gamer. Never was, never ever will be. I remember when my sister and I was still into PlayStation, I would play Bishi Bashi or Disney’s Hercules Action Game occasionally. However, the most fun I had with PlayStation was when I had several friends (mostly boys) came over to my house and they would take turn to play my PlayStation.

(My sister, on the other hand, is a gamer. She has -almost- every game console back in the late 1990s/early 2000s. From PlayStation to Nintendo DS. Eventually, I think, she stopped at Wii. However, she still plays games with all Apple gadgets she has, from iPod Touch to iPad to her latest iPhone 5S.)


When the phenomenal Flappy Bird came along, my sister got right into it. Me? Not so much. I could not stand it. I do not possess the patience and quite frankly I think it is boring. The buzz, however, awed me and it made me read (almost) all news written about it. That was when I found this article, which was exactly when I found about a new iPhone game that I simply cannot stop playing now.

The game is called QuizUp.


Here is the thing: I never like playing games electronically, but I am a sucker for trivia quiz. I remember that I counted the days for Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? I sit quietly whenever Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was playing. I (am still) wonder(ing) why Jeopardy is not adapted in Indonesia. Trivia quiz is easily my third most favourite things to watch on TV after sitcoms and cartoons.


QuizUp is an app of trivia game with topics that is as eclectic as a trivia game can be. You can play a trivia game about math, and then change topic to Grammy 2014, to ancient Rome, to food, to cricket, to logos.
It is short enough that I do not get bored, but it is long enough to get me addicted. I say whoever had the original idea of making it a 7-round game within the course of 70 seconds should get an award. That person is a genius!


Another cool thing about the game is the very thoughtful titles. Basically, when you passed a certain level on one topic, you will get a title. I have collected a few of them and I am so loving it. I think the longest title that I use on my profile is Lobster Pasta Lady. Frankly, you cannot describe me better than that!
The title of this post come from two titles I earned after playing two topics that are very close to my heart. Close Talker comes from Seinfeld, my all-time favourite sitcom. The title is based on a popular episode of the sitcom that featured a guy who stands super close to every person he talks to. It is hilarious (see the clip here).

I earned Chav after playing several games on London. Not until I play QuizUp would I find out that I know quite a lot about the city. I guess I really love the city that I keep everything I know about it in my mind and heart. So, the minute after I earned Chav, I automatically went to Google to see what it actually is (I know, I know, my vocabulary, especially for British-English words is crap). When I found out, I felt the swag grows on me and I am telling you, I am not letting that title goes away (see what Chav actually means here).


Finally, what is game without a sense of competition? On QuizUp, the competition is quite fierce, I feel. Aside from being able to challenge your actual friends, because you can -of course- connect the app with all means of social media that you are involved with, mainly Facebook, you can also play against someone from some countries that you would never have imagined (not that everyone in the world knows there is actually a country called Indonesia). I have played against people from 40 countries, from Singapore, to the Canada, to British Virgin Islands, to Burkina Faso, to New Zealand (although I have not yet played against anyone from Iceland. Ha!). You can also see how well you play the game compare to other players in your country.

In the case of myself, I have achieved two titles that I would defend until the day that I die (a bit of an exaggeration, but you get what I mean).


Bottom line, if you have not yet give QuizUp a go, you are missing something! Maybe I will see you in a match on QuizUp!






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