Close Talker Chav

I am not a gamer. Never was, never ever will be. I remember when my sister and I was still into PlayStation, I would play Bishi Bashi or Disney’s Hercules Action Game occasionally. However, the most fun I had with PlayStation was when I had several friends (mostly boys) came over to my house and they would take turn to play my PlayStation.

(My sister, on the other hand, is a gamer. She has -almost- every game console back in the late 1990s/early 2000s. From PlayStation to Nintendo DS. Eventually, I think, she stopped at Wii. However, she still plays games with all Apple gadgets she has, from iPod Touch to iPad to her latest iPhone 5S.)


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See the Baby!

Kramer: She’s wondering when we’re gonna come over and see the baby

Jerry: Oh. See the baby. Again with the baby. He keeps calling us to see the baby. You gotta see the baby! When are you gonna see the baby? Can they just send us a tape?

Elaine: Maybe if you wait a few more months then it won’t be a baby anymore then you don’t have to see it  

Jerry: Because they all grown up!


Jerry: It’s tough about seeing the people when they have a baby. You have to match their level of enthusiasm. They’re always so excited. “What do you think of them? What do you think?”

Just once I would like to meet a couple that goes, “you know we’re not too happy about them, frankly. I think we really make a big mistake, we should’ve gotten an aquarium.”


Seinfeld S03E18

(See the clips here and here)