Elementary Sweetheart (Part 1)

I think it’s funny that I don’t have any high school sweetheart.
You know, the person whom you fell in love with in high school.

Especially because one of my friends just told me a story about her brother who got married with his high school sweetheart and they now live happily ever after.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t been able to admit that I have fallen in love with any particular guy in my life. I haven’t.
But anyhow, please ignore my ‘love fact’ for a while, as I’m not writing about it now.

So, I have no high school sweetheart.
But I may have an elementary school sweetheart.

I know it sounds silly.
I mean, what the hell do elementary students know about falling in love?
(I know that by now elementary students know a whole lot more than what I knew when I was in elementary, but still.)

The fact that I don’t have any high school sweetheart and have never been falling in love make this [I have an elementary school sweetheart confession] is more difficult to admit.

Well, it all started back in grade two of elementary.

I have always been logical and heartless, even when I was a little girl.

I have an ultimate enemy whom I hated very much.
This ultimate enemy of mine was a very skinny boy who was lost in the fantasy world of childhood.
Back when we were eight, he believed that all super heros would come alive and get him whenever he was in trouble.

I, being a heartless little girl, broke the reality in front of him and said that super heros were not real. No one would save him if he ever got into a fight with me.

He cried like there was no tomorrow.

One time, I could’t really remember what the fight was about, I was so angry with him and we didn’t talk for days.
By the time he asked for my forgiveness, I said to him mercilessly, “I will never accept your apology,”
He left with his head down.

That was when the elders teased us around by saying, “you usually fall in love with the people you have the most fights with.”
As logical as I can be, I got mad whenever I heard that comment, “It doesn’t even make any sense! How can I like a boy with whom I have fights with everyday?”

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