Elementary Sweetheart (Part 2)

By the third grade, this ultimate enemy of mine was over his super heroes fantasy. But he could not stop teasing me about all sorts of stuff.
Now, I don’t remember any of the things he teased me about. The only thing that I remember was that we fought a whole lot.
And by that time, not only the elders (who were trying to separate us when we fought) that teased us but also our fellow friends.

In grade four, we were put in different classes, my ultimate enemy and I.

This separation, it turned out, made us longing for each other’s presence.
There were times when we had to go to the mosque across the street from our school, where boys and girls were separated, one of his friends (a boy) would came up to a window that was close to where the girls were sitting. This boy would tell my friend (a girl) that my ultimate enemy was actually missing me. This girl friend of mine would whisper the message to me and I would be smiling nervously.
It was complicated, but yet it was still a very cute ‘whisper game’.

One time, I remember, I was in the mosque, together with my other girlfriends and we were giggling away.
One of my girl friends said to me that this ultimate enemy of mine was at the window. He was peeking from the side of the window, curious to see what the girls (or I) were doing. One of my girl friends came to the window to do the usual ‘whisper game’. Instead of a whispery message, she asked me to come to the window. After hesitating for a few minutes, I finally got to the window. There he was, my ultimate enemy, holding a piece of paper.
He handed the paper to me. When I asked him what was in it, he said I should just read it myself.

And there I received, my first ever love letter.

I can’t really remember what exactly that he wrote, but I’m sure it was enough to blew my mind away.

I also remember that I received several similar love letters after the first one.
After receiving that first love letter, I never saw him as my ultimate enemy anymore. I decided that he looked quite charming and he became my crush.

I remember this crush of mine was very fond of drawing. I can still picture his drawing of Wolverine that looked exactly like the one in the comic or the cartoon.
And in the love letters that he sent me, instead of writing wordplay of some sorts, he would draw a bunch of romantic stuff (I can’t remember the ‘stuff’ exactly), including the famous “xxx and dhea” inside a heart with an arrow sticking through it.

The funny truth is that I don’t remember writing him back. I don’t know what I did that made him keep on sending me love letters, but I really don’t remember writing any love letter(s) back.
Maybe I should look into my old diaries and see if I wrote him anything back. It would be sad if I did not write him back. I was a true selfish-heartless bitch then.

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