Elementary Sweetheart (Part 3)

We got back in the same class in grade five.
As we see each other everyday, all day long, our ‘relationship’ did not go along well. He was too shy to talk to me in person and he kept on teasing me. We ended up having lots of fights all over again, just like when we were in grade one or two.

Further more, the thing that irritated me the most was the ‘wispher game’.
The truth was, no matter how cute the ‘whisper game’ could be, I eventually got tired of it.

As snobbish as I could have been when I was a little girl, I demanded more than a silly whisper messages. I insisted him to be brave enough to face me. And he failed.
I was surely not as easy person to be around with.

However, within that year, I could never forget another ‘cute incident’.
Back in elementary, I had a long bench and a long table to share with a friend.
This crush of mine would be very jealous if he saw me sharing a table with another boy.
Now that I remember it, it was very cute when he looked very upset.

As we got into grade six, our ‘relationship’ got even more ‘endearing’.
We could never have any proper conversation together. He ended up making fun of every little thing about me.
One thing that I remember very well, up until now, he was him making fun of my name.

As most of the readers (might) know, at home and up to elementary, I was known as ‘dhea’.
This crush of mine was one of the people who decided to call me ‘Alien’ as a way to make fun of my name.

At first I was very upset to be called ‘Alien’.
I mean, come on, I have suffered the Mars joke (“what? you’re name’s Alien? what planet are you from? Mars?”) for (almost) all my life. It was not always fun to be named “Alien” by my parents.

But then I got tired of being teased by him and I stood tall and said it to his face,
“Alien is a part of my name. No matter how bad you’re making fun of it, it will forever be in my name.”
Then he stopped making fun of my name and I turned to be the proudest person in the world to be named ‘Alien’.


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