Marriageable Virgin

And why is it the women who have to be virgins?
Why suffer torment to satisfy an asshole?
Because the man who demands “virginity” from a woman is nothing but an asshole!
Why don’t we behave as westerners do!?
For them, since the problem of sex is resolved, they can move on to other things!
This is the reason they progress!

EmbroideriesMarjane Satrapi

A man could sleep with as many women as he liked, but when it came to sex, there were still quite a few people in society who clung to the old-fashioned notion that a woman shouldn’t have too many partners,
oh, a woman could certainly have some sex – indeed, it was expected.
But there seemed to be some unspoken limit as to the number of men a woman could bed,
and having passed that limit, a woman can no longer consider “marriageable”

Trading UpCandance Bushnell (p.14)

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