That ‘First Night’

I came across Louie sometime ago when I accidentally changed the TV channel to FX. I have not yet become a fan and so far I have only watched a few episodes. However, the episodes that I watched have really touched me and I feel the need to share them.

One of the episodes that I watched was called Come On, God (S02E08). The whole episode was dedicated to masturbation, which is not the point of this post.

The point of this post is explained by the 2:50 minutes video below.
When I watched it the first time I laughed out loud. After that, I have not yet stopped wondering. Was it appropriate to laugh? Have I been mocking God? Have I been mocking people that worship God? After all, I am ‘keeping myself’ until I get married.

Anyway, regardless of what someone’s religion is, I guess this is the basic thought of why someone is ‘keeping themselves’ until they get married.

Happy wedding to all my dearest friends. I hope your ‘first night’ is not going to be as terrible as what I have been told.


  • DQ


    I want to know what he says afterwards!

    But why is she in her night gown?
    Kayaknya memang harus nonton episode ini gw.

    • alienkeren

      He says nothing. That was basically his reaction at the end there. Awesome, right? hahaha.

      You should really watch the episode to get the answer re night gown. That’s one of his frustration too. 😉

  • Dena Sismaraini

    alieeen… akhirnya aku baca blog ini… alien niih..nemu aja yang beginiaaan…

    Thanks al for sharing this..maybe will be better to share this not only for newly weds but also for every girl to always “keeping themselves” and “waiting” until the right time comes…


    • alienkeren

      hahaha! hebat banget nih persepsi aku dan kamu beda banget setelah nonton klip ini. kocak deh.
      Terima kasih ya udah baca dan komen tulisan aku 🙂

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