On Poetry


There are times when I’m excited for a challenge, weekly

However, this week‘s is poetry

which is scary

Poetry is not my strongest ability

It could drive me crazy

All because I have horrible vocabulary



What should I write in a poetry, really?

What kind of originality?

What type of novelty?



I tried to do something very recently

Have you seen my post on Fifty?

That was quite a hard work entirely

and it comes from my heart, sincerely



I commend people who can create an anthology

Where do they find the energy?

And the way they play with words – so fancy!

I wish I have a fairy…

or maybe and aunty…?

who can tell me how to put words together, more gracefully



Maybe I should recharge, like a battery

and practice, very diligently

plus be a little less worry

rest my mind and body

maybe the words will follow gently.



What is on your mind?