Humanity = Marriage

This is my take on humanity.

I think marriage is one of the most humane thing that a human could do. That legal binding called marriage still fascinates me – why do we, humans, need it? No other species does. Other species simply mates with their own kind, whenever they have the urge to do so. Why can’t we? Why don’t we?

Here are the photos of weddings that I went to within the past year. And yes, I understand that a wedding is everything that a marriage is not. But in order to be married, everyone has to go through a wedding, no matter how big or small. That is why I chose these wedding photos to represent marriage, which therefore, hopefully, represent humanity.

Here’s to the many weddings that I went to. Hopefully all of my friends and their spouses are experiencing the humanity that they deserve, in a form of marriage. Cheers!

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