Once I was asked, in one of my English lessons, what paradise would look like for me
My answer was, and I still remember it until now,
“Paradise would look like a place filled with any book you could ever think of, any book you want to read, and you are free to read there as long as you want.”

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Teman Baik (Bagian 12)

Saya lagi semangat nih nulis tentang teman-teman baik saya, mungkin karena aura perpisahan mulai terasa diantara kami (sok mellow. hahaha).

Teman Baik saya kali ini adalah seorang teman yang sudah saya temani sejak zaman SMP.
Gak inget sih gimana pertama kali kenalan sama Mira Nurdina tapi tiba-tiba kami berdua sudah ditakdirkan untuk berada di dalam satu kelas yang sama, kelas 2F SMP Negeri 5 Bandung.

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Teman Baik (Bagian 11)

Tulisan saya ini adalah sebuah kelanjutan dari tulisan saya di serial tulisan Teman Baik.
(Tomo, teman KP Pertamina, Flamboyan, Anie, geng KP ‘pertama’, Ravina, Nico, Ayesh, Sara, Samuel)

Kali ini Teman Baik saya adalah seorang wanita (haiyah!) yang sedang berbahagia karena setelah hampir 6 tahun (sumpah! LAMA BANGET BOK!) menimba ilmu di Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung, akhirnya sang wanita (haiyah!) ini WISUDA juga.

Nama Teman Baik saya ini adalah Diah Nur’aini.

Diah Nur'aini

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Lihat Ini dengan Baik!

Saya terinspirasi dari postingan saya dua tahun silam disini.

kawat gigi saya akan dicopot BULAN DEPAN (!!!! AKHIRNYA!!!),
saya putuskan untuk membuat sebuah kenang-kenangan 😀


Karena bulan depan, saya sudah tidak akan memakai kawat gigi lagi!!!!


Elementary Sweetheart (Part 4)

The highlight of grade six was – of course – his confession.
It was once upon a Monday.

I stayed in the class as I hardly bought anything from the school canteen and always brought my own snack to school.
Having been injured on a tennis game the day before (yeah. he was such a jock), this crush of mine decided to stay in the class with me.
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It Is Over, indeed

For a more serious mind, you can read the full report here

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Elementary Sweetheart (Part 3)

We got back in the same class in grade five.
As we see each other everyday, all day long, our ‘relationship’ did not go along well. He was too shy to talk to me in person and he kept on teasing me. We ended up having lots of fights all over again, just like when we were in grade one or two.

Further more, the thing that irritated me the most was the ‘wispher game’.
The truth was, no matter how cute the ‘whisper game’ could be, I eventually got tired of it.
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Elementary Sweetheart (Part 2)

By the third grade, this ultimate enemy of mine was over his super heroes fantasy. But he could not stop teasing me about all sorts of stuff.
Now, I don’t remember any of the things he teased me about. The only thing that I remember was that we fought a whole lot.
And by that time, not only the elders (who were trying to separate us when we fought) that teased us but also our fellow friends.

In grade four, we were put in different classes, my ultimate enemy and I.

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